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A study pathway shows the way in which a programme is organised. When you first enrol for a bachelor's programme, you will follow the standard study programme of roughly 60 ECTS credits.
On subsequent registrations, in principle it will be possible to choose your own study pathway, which is known as an individualised study pathway. An individualised pathway offers the possibility to deviate from te standard pathway. The annual programme proposed by a student who wants fo follow an individualised study pathway must be approved by the Examination Board. One important condition is that the correct sequence must be followed, as certain programme components can only be followed in a certain order. The condition for taking Mathematics 2, for instance, is that you have first passed Mathematics 1. An individualised study pathway can be allowed to students who have fallen behind within a standard study programme, students with exemptions, students with functional impairments, working students and recognised top athletes (conditions can be found on the website).