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Hasselt University sees the first bachelor year as a transitional year. The student's study pathway in the bachelor's programme therefor leads to two deliberation packages. The first deliberation package is comprised of the programme components of the first bachelor year of the full-time standard study programme. The second deliberation package is comprised of the relevant programme components of the second and third bachelor year. Together, these two deliberation packages make up the full study programme of the bachelor's programme (at least 180 ECTS credits).
The master's programme comprises one deliberation package (60 or 120 ECTS credits). The Examination Board decides whether or not you have passed a deliberation package. The conditions for accepting an 'unsatisfactory' grade for a programme component can be found back in the education and examination regulations (www.uhasselt.be/onderwijs-en-examenreglement).
If you have not passed the first deliberation package, you will have to register to obtain the missing credits. You can then also register for programme components of the next deliberation package.