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Koenraad Van Cleempoel (°1971) studied art history in Leuven, Madrid and London. He obtained a PhD at the Warburg Institute in London. Since 2004 he is professor of art history at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts in Hasselt University (B). He is part of a research unit that deals with aspects of adaptive reuse. In 2017 he held the PP Rubens Chair at UCBerkeley.

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Bie Plevoets (°1985) studied Interior Architecture at the PHL University College in Hasselt (BE) and Conservation of Monuments and Sites at the Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation in Leuven (BE). In 2014, she obtained a PhD in architecture at Hasselt University; her thesis was entitled ‘retail-reuse: an interior view on adaptive reuse of buildings’. Her current research within TRACE focuses on the theory of adaptive reuse, and preservation of spirit of place. Beside research, she teaches courses on adaptive reuse in the bachelor and master (interior) architecture, and in the International Master of Interior Architecture on Adaptive Reuse. She is currently working on a book entitled ‘Adaptive Reuse of the Built Heritage: Concepts and Cases of an Emerging Discipline’, co-authored with Koenraad Van Cleempoel, which will be published by Routledge in 2019.

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Nikolaas Vande Keere (°1971) graduated as a Civil Engineer Architect at the University of Ghent (BE) in 1994. He has worked for 20 years in renowned offices in Belgium and the Netherlands and is co-director of UR architects since 2001. The office realized various architectural projects with different scales and programmes, with a special interest in the connection between architecture and landscape. Next to this UR architects has been specializing in research by design projects, especially in the context of adaptive reuse of monasteries and churches (e.g. the current research on the adaptive reuse of church buildings in Flanders, a collaboration between UR architects, Broekx-Schiepers Architects, Architect Saidja Heynickx and the research group TRACE, commissioned by the Vlaams Bouwmeester Team).

Nikolaas has been a guest professor at the TU Delft in the chair of Interiors Buildings Cities (guided by Tony Fretton and Christoph Grafe) of the Faculty of Architecture between 2007 and 2013. Since 2014 he has been teaching at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts at the University of Hasselt and became professor in charge of the design studio of the International Master of Interior Architecture on Adaptive Reuse since 2016.

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Saidja Heynickx (°1977) graduated magna cum laude in Interior Architecture and Architecture at the PHL University College in Hasselt (BE). He is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of Hasselt University, where he coordinates the courses with a bound or interaction with the arts and teaches in the designstudio master Interiorarchitecture. His research focuses on the tactical use of the architectural sketch and the use of models in the design process (research seminar TACTICS) as a representation of thoughts. Besides a profound interest in drawing and teaching he has an own architectural office.

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Linde Van Den Bosch (°1994) studied Interior Architecture and obtained her degree in the International master of Interior Architecture: Adaptive Reuse in 2017, at Hasselt University, Belgium.

Her master thesis deals with Adaptive Reuse through a layered reading system. It investigates the connection between representation and atmosphere and uses this as a tool to analyse the layered complexity of historical sites. The study emphasizes the importance of subjective research methods and interdisciplinary research to complete the common fact-based investigation of historic sites. The adjoining design project researches and designs the adaptive reuse of a 15th century monastery in the late-medieval city of Bruges, Belgium.

Her thesis was nominated for the ‘Vlaamse Scriptieprijs’, elected out of 530 submissions by an independent mixed jury as one of the ten most relevant dissertations of 2017 in Flanders, Belgium. She is currently working on a PhD on adaptive reuse and works as teaching assistant at Hasselt University.

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