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What is the ECOTRON Hasselt University?

The Centre of Environmental Sciences (CMK-UHasselt) and the Plant and Vegetation Research group (PLECO-UAntwerp) combine - together with the Sphere-group (UAntwerp) - their expertise in the Centre of Excellence ECO. To enhance their expertise state-of-the-art research infrastructure is being built. The ecosystem measuring tower is one infrastructure, the Ecotron Hasselt University is another important ambitious infrastructure that will be constructed.

Ecotrons are climate-controlled units for the measurement of complex ecological processes and dynamics. The Ecotron Hasselt University will be an infrastructure with 12 sophisticated semi-automated climate chambers, including 12 large lysimeters, that will allow controlled studies of specific ecosystem monolyths and thereby safeguarding the real-time and realistic sun light conditions (i.e.the domes are transparent for a large part of the daylight spectrum).


The Field Research Centre - UHasselt is responsible for the construction and daily management of the Ecotron.


This infrastructure will be situated at the Field Research Centre within the perifery of the main gate of the National Park Hoge Kempen, Connecterra, on the Terhills location.