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FRC welcomes weather presenters from all over the world

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FRC welcomes weather presenters from all over the world    Jun 28, 2017

FRC welcomes weather presenters from all over the world
Jun 28, 2017

In the context of the Climate without Borders Bootcamp the Field Research Centre has welcomed weather presenters from Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Israel, India, Kenya, Morrocco, Taiwan, USA, and many more countries. 

Climate without Borders is an initiative by the Belgian weather presenter, Jill Peeters, striving to create a worldwide network for weather presenters. This initiative is supported by IPCC, WMO and UNFCCC and was officially launched on 27th of June. Currently, more than 130 weather presenters from 110 countries are associated in this network to discuss and exchange information regarding climate and climate-related education. More information can be found on http://www.climatewithoutborders.org. 

After a guided walk through the Hoge Kempen National Park, the ECOTRON Hasselt University was opened for a guided visit. In the ECOTRON researchers of Hasselt University are conducting climate and biodiversity research.

After a short welcome by UHasselt Dean of Sciences, Prof. dr. Jan Colpaert, three invited speakers gave new insights in the psychology about and solutions towards climate change.

Per Espen Stokness, environmental psychologist and author of "What we think about - when we try not to think about - Global Warming" has held an interesting talk about the way people percieve and act towards global warming. "There's an increasing certainty about climate change, but a decreasing concern about it as well". He proposed that "Climate communication should therefore be more social, simple, supportive, storytelling and use relatable signals". 

Eric Verdeyen from Q Pinch introduced us to new ways of recuperation of heath waste and steam for energy. Steven Krekels from VITO has revealed the importance of remote sensing techniques in the aquitance of data to strengthen policy makers for a sustainable future.

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