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Interdisciplinary Summerschool on Urbanized Protected Areas

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Interdisciplinary Summerschool on Urbanized Protected Areas    Mar 30, 2017

Interdisciplinary Summerschool on Urbanized Protected Areas
Mar 30, 2017

Hasselt University is organizing the first PhD course on the management of urbanized protected areas (UPAs) integrating expertise from different disciplines.

During the last decades, outdoor recreation has become progressively more important, especially in UPA, while biodiversity continues to decline by among others human-induced stress (such as hiking, biking, etc.). Currently, the legal framework to protect ecosystems and ecosystem services is scattered around many laws. In this arena of conflicting demands, careful planning of the area, its infrastructure and activities is needed to sustain the value of UPAs. In this process, stakeholder participation and visitor management are very important, in order to develop effective management strategies.

The development and implementation of effective UPA conservation management strategies requires an interdisciplinary approach. Therefore, the summer school uses building blocks from different disciplines: biology, tourism, transportation sciences, urban and landscape design, architecture, environmental law and environmental economics.

Interested? You can find more info and the registration on www.uhasselt.be/UPA_summerschool. Selected candidates can participate for free. This includes accommodation, material, coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, a welcome reception, and a social dinner!

Deadline: 1 May 2017