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The impact of wildfires on the recreational value of heathland    Apr 24, 2020

The impact of wildfires on the recreational value of heathland
Apr 24, 2020

This week a beautiful part of the protected area 'De Liereman' in the Campines of Belgium was burnt to ashes. The park managers fear much of the valuable nature -flora and fauna - might be seriously affected. There is however also the impact these wild fires might have on the recreational value of these heathland areas. 

Anne Nobel, under supervision of Prof. dr. Robert Malina and Prof. dr. Sebastien Lizin, recently published a very relevant scientific study. They provide the first estimate of recreational value for heathland in a European protected area and for how wildfires affect this value. Although they did not find statistical support for their proposed on-site sampling correction, they find that the correction generates no significant impact on welfare measures in their application.

See here for the entire publication.

Nobel, A., Lizin, S., Witters, N., Rineau, F. and Malina, R. (2020). "The impact of wildfires on the recreational value of heathland: A discrete factor approach with adjustment for on-site sampling." Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

For more info: 

drs. Anne Nobel, M.Sc. (UHasselt): 0031 6 30 89 97 36
Prof. dr. Robert Malina (Promotor): 0492 22 24 53
Prof. dr. Sebastien Lizin (copromotor): 0474 57 14 75
The entire press release (in DUTCH) can be found here

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