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The Innovative Training Networks (ITN) of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions in Horizon2020 aim to train a new generation of early-stage researchers. ITN supports joint research training and/or doctoral programmes, implemented by partnerships of universities, research institutions, research infrastructures, businesses, SMEs and other social-economic actors from different countries across Europe and beyond. These partnerships take the form of collaborative European Training Networks (ETN), European Industrial Doctorates (EID) or European Joint Doctorates (EJD). The maximum duration of support will be four years.

ETN: ETNs are multi-partner research training networks that offer intersectoral and interdisciplinary research trainings. The networks are composed of at least three beneficiaries established in at least three different EU Member States or Associated Countries. It is recommended to keep the size of the consortium between 6 and 10 partners.

EID: By involving the non-academic sector in doctoral training, EIDs aim to train researchers and to stimulate entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. An EID is composed of at least two beneficiaries established in two different Member States or Associated Countries. At least one of the beneficiaries must be entitled to award doctoral degrees and at least one of the beneficiaries must come from the non-academic sector. 

EJD: EJDs promote international, intersectoral and multi/inter-disciplinary collaboration in doctoral-level training through the creation of joint doctoral programmes. EJD leads to a joint, double or multiple doctoral degree and is composed of at least three beneficiaries in different member states or associated countries (entitled to deliver doctoral degrees). The participation of other organization is possible under specific conditions.

Deadline is January 12, 2016, 05:00 pm.

More information?
More information can be found on the Horizon2020 website.