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Closing Event International Francqui Chair Steven Vallas 2018

Closing Event International Francqui Chair Steven Vallas 2018

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On the morning of February 8, Professor Patrizia Zanoni (UHasselt) and Christophe Vanroelen (VUB) are hosting a workshop by Professor Steven Callas – called Neo-Liberalism and Social Difference: Organizing Diversity.

The spectrum of economic uncertainty, combined with debates over immigration, an open EU market, and the inflow of refugees from North Africa and the Middle East, has thrown a new light on the notion of ‘diversity’. Two decades ago, diversity entered the EU carrying the promise of superior business success through the valorization of ‘untapped potential’ among the workforce. Today, it is rather a sad remainder of the persisting institutional barriers within economic institutions along the lines of ethnicity, religion, gender, age, disability, and sexual orientation, as reflected in the discursive shift of companies to the notion of inclusion.


The papers in this workshop seek to deepen the intellectual dialogue between the critical literature on diversity in management and the germane literatures in migration studies, sociology, political science and social policy to open up new questions and jointly envision novel, inter-disciplinary research approaches.


9.15-9.30 a.m.

9.30-10.15 a.m.
Paper 1: Reproducing white class relations: Employers’ use of soft skills to enforce compliance of ethnic minority workers
- Sandra Bogaers, Koen Van Laer and Patrizia Zanoni, UHasselt

10.15-11 a.m.
Paper 2: Recognition of single-parenthood in labour policy – towards an adaptive universalism?
- Martin Wagener, UCL

11-11.15 a.m.
Coffee break in the Foyer

11.15 a.m. - noon 
Paper 3: Occupational community-making in a globalized industry: Online voices of diasporic digital artists tackling precariousness
- Hannelore Roos, UHasselt

noon -12.45 p.m.
Paper 4: Gender Equality in Belgian Intersectoral Agreements between 1986 and 2017: An examination of the equality potential of collective bargaining in a coordinated system of industrial relations
- Veronika Lemeire, independent researcher

12.45-13.30 p.m.
Sandwich lunch (Cafeteria)


Campus Hasselt, Law Faculty – Room 1.01 42 Martelarenlaan


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