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When you make yourself known as a student with special circumstances, a file is made. The complete file is centrally administered in your administrative student file.

All of the collected personal data is treated as confidential and with the greatest amount of care, in conformity with the privacy legislation.

Your personal data is processed for the following reasons:

  • In order to organise the facilities optimally.
  • In order to invite you to activities which can improve your educational opportunities or in order to send you relevant information.
  • In order to promote the intake, progression and graduation of all students. The university would like to check if the student population is a reflection of society. It wants to adjust its policy more closely to its students, check if its efforts to encourage intake, progression and graduation are paying off and, if necessary, further adjust the policy.
  • The data which you provide can be used for statistical processing. The university hereby guarantees that the data will be processed in an anonymous manner.
  • Your data will be collected and used in an aggregated manner in connection with government financing. The government provides financial means to universities, among other things in order to, make a serious effort to provide better coaching and support for students from so-called disadvantaged groups. The university can only support its policy in this area if it can also prove that the students from disadvantaged groups who have enrolled are progressing through their programmes and that graduation rates are rising. It can only do this if every student provides his or her personal data.

Only persons or offices within Hasselt University who are authorised to assess and grant facilities can obtain access to your data.

Other persons or offices will not receive your data, unless you explicitly provide authorisation or in exceptional situations (for example a crisis situation) where your interests are not compromised.

You can inspect and correct your data at any time. You can also retract the authorisation you have provided to use your data. To do this, contact the study coach.

If you think that your data is being used carelessly, contact your ombudsperson.

When you leave the university, your data will be saved for the next ten years. After this period, your data will be destroyed. The university hereby guarantees that it will be processed anonymously, coded or un-coded with additional conditions.