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GG&T Summer School

GG&T Summer School

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"12 months ago we started an experiment to introduce a new Summer School programme on Green Growth & Travelism. It was a big success - catching the intensifying momentum for climate resilient growth. Expert led sessions were wide ranging, informative and participatory. We kept the costs low and the quality high. Now, we strengthen the programme, just as the nations of the world move towards a new low carbon, inclusive growth framework with sustainability goals and low carbon targets.  Retaining its low cost and high quality character while taking on board the big global evolution. Sessions are fun, informative and above all, designed for group engagement." 

- Geoffrey Lipman, Director of Greenearth.travel -

"Our world is changing every nano second. We are adapting and have been since we first crawled out of the primaeval swamp. There has been one constant in the lifetime of humanity - the planet on which we exist has a multi-billion year framework for change that has created an incredible interconnected and interdependent biodiversity. We have put our existence at risk by disregard for natural balance and by climate abuse. There is still time to get back on course - through nature based solutions, reconnection and conservation - but time is running out. At the National Park we are building these approaches." 

- Ignace Schops, Director of Regional Landschap Kempen en Maasland (RLKM) vzw -

"Mobility is at the core of our DNA - and a big focus of research at the University of Hasselt, where we have some 50 specialists in the Transportation Research Institute (IMOB). Now we are preparing for a new age,  where sustainable mobility will be a central element of a  green growth paradigm shift - widespread accessibility, electric vehicles and big data connectivity will all be standard in the next decades. In these sessions we will share the knowledge we are acquiring and explore together the next generation of solutions."

- Geert Wets, Director of the Transportation Research Institute, Hasselt University -