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As civic university we assume our responsibility, commit ourselves and share  our knowledge in ways that benefit society. Strong public engagement was, is and always will be at the core of who we are and what we do.

Our students, staff, researchers and alumni are both able and willing to make our society smarter, more agile and better. Today’s and tomorrow’s challenges guide our teaching, research and social engagement. Innovation is a constant in everything we do.


As civic university we want to deploy people and knowledge to tackle society’s major challenges – in full collaboration with others. We measure our success in achieving this goal by the university’s and region’s continuous growth in impact as well as reputation. Therefore, we will:

  • impart to our students knowledge, skills and insights into the world around them – in order to make them critical, engaged global citizens and agile, versatile graduates able to adapt to an ever-changing world;

  • collaborate with other universities, research centres, governments, businesses and civil society organisations – in order to enhance knowledge on local, regional and global challenges and develop new ideas and solutions;

  • break down the silos between research disciplines – so that scientists can work better together on new answers to ever more complex problems;

  • employ our national and international education and research networks – in order to send our students and academics into the world and attract others to our region even more.

In this way, Hasselt University will become a place where the region meets the world and the world meets the region. 


To do fully justice to our mission and realise our vision, we are guided by the following values:

Connected and engaged
We are profoundly connected with each other and with the world around us. We are fully aware of society’s challenges. In the search for solutions we work with each other, with our partners and with our stakeholders.

Honest and respectful
An honest and respectful attitude comes first in everything we do. We act with impartiality – openly, ethically and independently – and with respect for one another and for our environment.

Responsible and enterprising
We have a sense of responsibility for present and future. We are determined to (help) solve problems and to seize opportunities – whatever the circumstances. We believe that the future is sustainable and that solutions must be too.

We believe that new times and challenges call for new answers. We dare to do things differently and to do different things.

Critical and broad-minded
We believe that an open and critical spirit and broad-mindedness are essential for a well-functioning academic community. We put the truth first, embrace new ideas and welcome fresh insights.