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Policy bodies and councils

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Board of Governors

In addition to the university’s policy-makers (president, vice president, rector, vice-rectors, faculty presidents and presidents of the tUL Schools), the following sit on the Board of Governors:
● six representatives designated by the Provincial Council of Limburg;
● three representatives of the social sector (designated by the three recognised trade unions);
● three representatives of the business sector (designated by the employers’ organisations);
● one representative of the independent academic staff (designated by election);
● one representative of the assistant academic staff (designated by election);
● one representative of the administrative and technical staff (designated by election);
● three student representatives (designated by the student council).
current composition

Executive Board

The day-to-day running of the university is entrusted to the Executive Board. The Board of Governors delegates certain powers to the Executive Board.
current composition

Rector and vice rectors

The rector is responsible for all academic matters.
The general meeting of the faculty boards nominates a list of three candidates for the post of rector every four years. The four-year term of office is granted to one of these candidates by the Board of Governors. The rector, in turn, nominates candidates for the posts of vice rector for education and vice rector for research; these appointments must  also be confirmed by the Board of Governors.
When a vacancy arises, a new administrator is appointed for a six-year renewable term.

Board of Deans

The Board of Deans is the highest academic advisory body, and prepares policy proposals in the areas of education, research and scientific services for the benefit of the university administration.
current composition

Faculty boards

The faculty board is responsible at institutional level for developing and implementing the faculty’s strategy and its policy on education and research (including total quality assurance and internationalisation).
current composition

Departmental boards

The departmental board is responsible for implementing and reporting on education and research within the department.
current composition

Education Board

The Education Board advises the Board of Deans on education-related matters (curricula, teaching and examination regulations, education calendar, quality assurance, etc.).
current composition

Research Council

The Research Council advises the Board of Deans on research-related matters (research policy, allocation of research resources, evaluation of research).
current composition

Advisory Board of Institute Directors

The Advisory Board of Institute Directors (AID) advises the Board of Deans on matters that directly affect the functioning of the research institutes.
current composition

Council for Student Facilities
The Council for Student Facilities (STUVO Council) is empowered to submit proposals and recommendations to the institutional management of Hasselt University, when it deems this necessary for the proper functioning and organisation of the Student Facilities office.
current composition

The staff of the Student Facilities office are invited to attend meetings as observers.

Depending on the business on the agenda, outsiders may be invited on an ad hoc basis. From now on, the membership of the Council for Student Facilities will be determined on a basis of parity, in accordance with the new decree on Student Facilities (29 June 2012).