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HyMaD - Hybrid Materials Design

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The Institute for Materials Research (IMO) (founded in 1990) is a research centre at Hasselt University with a vast amount of knowledge in the field of materials science. It is the largest research institute of the university, with a staff of more than 160 people, a project related yearly budget of 6−8 million €, and advanced research equipment valued at ~18 million €. IMO has an integrated and intensive collaboration with IMOMEC (the Institute for Materials Research in MicroElectronics), the department of IMEC (the Interuniversity MicroElectronics Centre, Leuven) at the University Campus in Diepenbeek.

While most of the more fundamental research is carried out at IMO, the largest part of applied research and projects in collaboration with industry are concentrated within IMOMEC. IMO-IMOMEC aims to contribute to a healthy and sustainable society through research programs on energy production and storage, sustainable new materials, and advanced medical diagnostics.

Thde DSOS group is one of the 19 current subgroups within IMO-IMOMEC.