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HyMaD - Hybrid Materials Design

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HyMaD - Hybrid Materials Design

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The Materials Chemistry (MATCHEM) group at Hasselt University gathers all experimental expertise groups focusing on diffent materials chemistry aspects, with a specific focus and expertise, collaborating closely and sharing equipment and responsibilities.

  • Design & Synthesis of Organic Semiconductors (DSOS) – Prof. dr Wouter Maes
  • Hybrid Materials Design (HyMaD) – Prof. dr Dirk Vanderzande, dr Laurence Lutsen
  • Advanced Polymer Functionalization (APF) – Prof. dr Louis Pitet
  • NMR spectroscopy (NMR) – Prof. dr Peter Adriaensens
  • Biomolecule Design Group (BDG) – Prof. dr Wanda Guedens, Prof. dr Peter Adriaensens
  • (DESINE) – Prof. dr Marlies Van Bael, Prof. dr An Hardy
  • Applied & Analytical Chemistry (TANC) – Prof. dr Dries Vandamme, dr Wouter Marchal, dr Pieter Samyn