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HyMaD - Hybrid Materials Design


HyMaD - Hybrid Materials Design

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Martijn Mertens received his bachelor in Chemistry at Hasselt University in 2015, after doing a bachelor thesis on the synthesis and optimization of bay-annulated indigo for organic photovoltaics under the supervision of Prof. W. Maes. In 2017, he obtained his master’s degree in Chemistry at the KU Leuven. His master thesis was performed in the group of Prof. E. Van der Eycken, working on the synthesis of spiroindolenines via metal mediated exo/endo-dig spirocyclisations. In October 2017, he started a PhD in the HyMaD group funded by a FWO-SB scholarship. The goal of his PhD project is improving the stability and efficiency of hybrid perovskite solar cells by developing novel materials.