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HyMaD - Hybrid Materials Design


HyMaD - Hybrid Materials Design

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Wouter Van Gompel obtained his Bachelor degree in Chemistry at Hasselt University with a dissertation on the synthesis and characterization of cathode materials for Li-ion batteries at the Inorganic and Physical Chemistry group of Hasselt University. Afterwards, he received his Master degree in Chemistry from the University of Ghent, where he did a Master thesis on the synthesis and surface functionalization of titanium dioxide nanocrystals for low temperature deposition on polymers at the SCRiPTS group of prof. dr. Isabel Van Driessche. Currently, he is working on a PhD project in the HyMaD group at Hasselt University (as an FWO-SB research fellow) on the synthesis and characterization of hybrid perovskites towards tunable optical properties and enhanced stability.