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2017 Materials science lecture series: advanced materials - 14 September 2017

2017 Materials science lecture series: advanced materials - 14 September 2017

Sep 14, 2017 - 15.30 uur

Universiteit Hasselt

campus Diepenbeek

Agoralaan Gebouw D

3590 Diepenbeek

Lokaal Aula H4


de heer Rajesh RAMANETI


MRS/E-MRS joint student chapter, Hasselt University with IMO-IMOMEC: 2017 materials science lecture series: advanced materials.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Seth R. Marder - Georgia Institute of Tevhnology, Atlanta (USA).

Topic:  Interface Chemistry for Organic Electronics and Optoelectronics

Chaired by: Prof. Dr. Wouter Maes, IMO-IMOMEC, Hasselt University

Thursday 14 September 2017, 15:30 -16:30

Aula H4, Building D, Hasselt University, Campus Diepenbeek.


Organic semiconductors have attracted interest for electronic applications due to their potential for use in low-cost, large-area, flexible electronic devices. Here we will report on recent developments pertaining to surface modifiers and dopants that could impact the charge injection/collection processes in organic light emitting diodes, organic field effect transistors, and organic photovoltaic devices. In particular, we will examine how phosphonic acids assemble on ITO substrates, the impact of the surface dipole on the work function of the ITO and electron transfer kinetics across surface modifiers. We will also discuss the development of metallocenes-based dimers as n-dopants and very briefly describe metal dithiolene complexes as p-dopants for organic semiconductors and their impact on device performance.