Guest lecture - Smart textiles, Prof. dr. Daniela Zavec Pavlinic

Guest lecture - Smart textiles, Prof. dr. Daniela Zavec Pavlinic

May 31, 2017 - 13.00 uur

Universiteit Hasselt

campus Diepenbeek

Agoralaan Gebouw D

3590 Diepenbeek

Lokaal room C109


Prof. dr. ir. Wim DEFERME



Dr. Daniela Zavec Pavlinic, Titera & University of Maribor, Slovenia, is presenting the gap between research and industry in the field of smart textiles. While working as independent, her advantage is to recognize useful research results and to bring them into development of either novel technology or innovative products in the field of technical textiles with ability of heating or cooling, monitoring, controlling, smart textiles and personal protective equipment. In her lecture, she will introduce her perspective of smart textiles products related to human comfort and health. The main aim is to wake up thinking and to help in looking for the potential solutions for development of any kind of smart measuring devices, either for well-being, for protection or for diagnostic purposes.

chaired by Prof. Dr. Wim Deferme.