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Science battle 2018

Science battle 2018

Mar 12, 2018 - Mar 16, 2018

During the science battle, IMO-IMOMEC researcher Dr. Danny Vanpoucke will take up the challenge of explaining his research to a public of primary school students:

“I will tell what it entails to be a computational materials scientist working on diamond. How, using a computer, you can learn more of how diamond grows. But also, how this growth can be adjusted to modify the diamond properties.

Although we all know diamond as a gem that is found underground, most diamond that is used has been made artificially. This, however, is very difficult, as you can image since it requires an entire planet to make diamond naturally. With the computer this is much easier. There, I can build diamond as if constructed from Legos.

As a result, I can test in which way it is easiest to make new types of diamond in a laboratory. I can also predict whether the new kind of diamond will work in the way that other scientists want it to work: a better conductor, a harder material, or luminescent.” 

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