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First public day of Energyville 2

First public day of Energyville 2

Sep 01, 2018 10.00 uur - 18.00 uur

Energyville 2

campus Genk

Thor Park 8320

3600 Genk

Thor is happening

On Saturday 1 September the general public can visit all buildings of the Thor park. Thor Park is a versatile and high-quality technology site that offers space for new entrepreneurship and technology talent. All building are open for the public: Incubathor, Energyville 1, T2-campus and Thor Central.

But surely come and visit the brand new building and labs of Energyville 2, where IMO-IMOMEC, KULeuven, VITO research and test the battery of the future in the Battery lab. In the Photovoltaic lab you can familiarize yourself with research into building integrated and more efficient solar cells. Well worth to pay a visit.

A complete overview of all activities of that day can be found on: Thor is happening.