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Conference announcement: EnOp CO2 Reuse conference

Conference announcement: EnOp CO2 Reuse conference

May 07, 2019 - 09.00 uur

Brightland Chamelot Campus - Sittard-Geleen


Prof. dr. Marlies VAN BAEL



IMO-IMOMEC is partner in the EnOp project.

On May 7th 2019 the EnOp CO2 Reuse Conference themed ” Implementing CO2 as Carbon Source: Success Stories and Future Technologies” will be held. At this interactive meeting the academic world will meet with corporates to discover how they can collaborate in using new technologies. Are you interested in renewable energy, energy storage or exciting new chemistry with CO2 and want to make a difference?

The carbon cycle on our planet is disrupted as the natural system is unable to deal with the huge amounts of CO2 that are emitted due to our lifestyle. Restoring the carbon cycle is essential to create a sustainable environment on planet earth. Use of CO2 as a carbon source while storing renewable energy in this process, could contribute substantially.

New technologies that can handle large amounts of CO2 are needed to restore the carbon cycle. Where do we stand in developing such technologies? The Interreg project EnOp aims to bring some of these technologies to a next stage in its development. During the CO2 Reuse conference we will update you on all interesting opportunities for the nearby and long term future.

 Read more and subscibe on the conference website.