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2019 Mini symposium series: photovoltaics I - 7 August 2019

2019 Mini symposium series: photovoltaics I - 7 August 2019

Aug 07, 2019 13.30 uur - 17.30 uur

Energyville 1

campus Genk

Thor Park 8310

3600 Genk

Lokaal Room "Zon"


Prof. dr. Bart VERMANG



MRS/E-MRS joint chapter of Hasselt University: 2019 mini symposium series: Photovoltaics I.

After the succes of the mini battery symposium organised in June in framework of the MRS/E-MRS Joint Chapter of Hasselt University, we proudly announce "Industrialisation and up-scaling of emerging and alternative PV technologies for clean energy production", as part of the 2019 Mini Symposium Series: Photovoltaics I.

This mini symposium will be chaired by Prof. dr. Bart Vermang of UHasselt, and is hosting the following international speakers with their contribution respectively entitled:


  • Flexible perovskite photovoltaics: from all laserscribed mini-modules to thin film tanden devices.
    Dr. Stefano Pisoni, Laboratory for thin films and photovoltaics, Empa, Duebendorf, Switserland.
  • Passivating contact for highly efficient silicon and perovskite solar cells.
    Prof. Dr. Stefaan De Wolf, King Abdullah University of science and Technology (KAUST) Saudi Arabia.
  • Industrial scale-up for back-end interconnection technology on CIGS.
    Dr. Veronique Gevaerts, solliance Solar research/TNO The Netherlands

Wednesday 7 August 2019, 13:30 h - 17:30 h

Room "Zon", Energyville I, Thor Campus, Genk.

To guarantee sufficient seats for participants, and as the symposium will be closed with a small reception, we kindly request your registration here. More details about the program, speakers and the abstracts are available in the attachment.

A detailed program can be found in this pdf document.