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Oscar project: experiments will lift off early October.    Sep 28, 2016

Oscar project: experiments will lift off early October.
Sep 28, 2016

After the ESA approval of their project, the OSCAR project team, consisting of Tim Vangerven, Steven Nagels, Rob Cornelissen, Ilaria Cardinaletti, Jaroslav Hruby, Dieter Schreurs, Jelle Vodnik, Miguel-Angel Beynaerts en Koen Wauters, worked hard to get their experiments ready for take off early this October. 

Two experiments

The first experiment will be the testing of printable solar cells. Because these types of solar cells are light, flexible and can generate more power per gram, they are particularly suitable for aerospace applications. The experiments have to find out if they widthstand the conditions in a space environment, especially the ageing will be examined. Materials are delivered by the labs of Prof. Wouter Maes and Prof. Dirk Vanderzande. Perovskyte solar cells were supplied by imec-Leuven.

The second experiment is the measuring of the magnetic field of earth by means of a magnetometer equiped with a new type of diamond sensor, designed by Prof. Milos Nesladek and dr. Emilie Bourgeois. The aim is to measure more precisely the earth magnetic field. This is important for i.e. navigation of satellites, but also can help for measuring brain activities.


During the layout of the experiments the doctoral students and students physics got also the support of Prof. Manca and Prof. Nesladek. This is a beautiful example of how enthousiastic, interdisciplinary collaboration can lead to groundbreaking research.