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IMO-IMOMEC group publication in Nature Materials     Mar 17, 2016

Cover of Nature Materials magazine - March 2016
Mar 17, 2016


Mevrouw Aslihan BABAYIGIT


Aslihan Babayigit, Anitha Ethirajan, Marc Muller (ULiège) and Bert Conings go deeper into the toxicity of organometal halide perovskites used in solar cells  in the Commentary column of Nature Materials. They also
consider the environmental aspect of the implementation of these materials into solar cells.

Perovskites are a class of crystalline compounds that have garned much interest as efficient light harvesters, but also in applications such as light-emitting diodes, lasers and photodetectors, in view of their favourable intrinsic properties, such as ambipolarity, high charge-carrier mobilities, high diffusion lengths and high absorption coefficients. Brisk and impressive achievements have brought perovskite solar cells to a level near silicon photovoltaics in terms of efficiency Yet an important downside of these materials in their current form is that they contain heavy metals. The photovoltaic community is much aware of the toxicity issues associated with Pb content of high performing perovskite solar cells, and the strain this imposes on the public perception and acceptance of the technology.