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Mini symposium doctoratus honoris causa Prof. dr. Jean-Marie Tarascon     May 18, 2016

Lecture on
May 18, 2016


Prof. dr. Marlies VAN BAEL



The Faculty of Sciences of Hasselt University is honored to award an honorary doctorate to Prof.dr. Jean-Marie Tarascon. On this occasion, the faculty organizes the mini symposium "New materials for better batteries" on May 24th (10 a.m. to 12 a.m., agora building EDM, Wetenschapspark, UHasselt Campus Diepenbeek) with a presentation, given by Prof. Tarascon.

Research’s progresses in rechargeable batteries are driven by ever increasing demands for portable electronic devices as well as for powering electric vehicles and providing load-leveling for mass storage of renewable energy. This will ever increase over years to come with new business players challenging today’s traditions. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries, because of their high energy density, have conquered most of today’s portable electronics and are the systems of choice for the aforementioned applications. Therefore, for this to happen, materials with higher energy densities while being sustainable, scalable, reliable and low cost must be developed. The challenges for chemists are enormous and this calls for new materials, new concepts as well as new chemistries. These different aspects will be addressed through his presentation.

For subscription (requested before May 22nd – free of charge) please register on www.uhasselt.be/LezingProfTarascon.

We hope to welcome you to the symposium.

Prof. dr. Marlies Van Bael, promotor honorary doctorate
Prof. dr. An Hardy, co-promotor honorary doctorate
Prof. dr. Karin Coninx, dean faculty of Sciences