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The IMO-IMOMEC NSI-group researches new methods for cancer treatment    Mar 08, 2016

TEM-image of golden nanorods
Mar 08, 2016


Prof. dr. Anitha ETHIRAJAN



The IMO-IMOMEC Nanobiophysics & soft matter interfaces group (NSI-group) researches the design and development of biodegradable polymer/gold nanorods nanocarriers.

This research project aims to improve the delivery of gold nanorods to cancer cells, for treatment with photo thermal therapy (Project  R-6400). 

The photo thermal therapy is a promising therapy for the treatment of cancer, because it is minimal invasive and only destroys the cancer cells: Golden nanorods, which are attracted to the cancer cells, are absorbed into the cancer cells. A laserbeam is projected on the tissue. The laser light is converted into heat by means of the golden nanorods, and destroys the cancer cells only.

This project is about the delivery of the golden nanorods in the cells by encapsulation a collection of nanorods in a biodegradable nanocarrier. The efficiency of this new method shall be compared with other encapsulation methods. A systematic  analysis of the incorporation, intercelullar dynamics and localisation shall be done with advanced optical imaging techniques. This research aims a better understanding of the design and use of golden nanorods in the human body for the purpose of photo thermal therapy.