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imo-imomec was present at Materials 2017 exhibition - Veldhoven (NL)    Jun 08, 2017

imo-imomec was present at Materials 2017 exhibition
Jun 08, 2017

With 82 exhibitors (among which IMO-IMOMEC) and 40 knowledge sessions (among one of dr. Ir. Pieter Samyn), the more than 1000 visitors could get inspired and informed at Materials 2017. This exhibition makes the connection between innovation and technology.

The four building blocks of the exposure were:

  • (New) materials
  • Materials analysis
  • surface techniques
  • connection techniques

The Institute for Materials Research (IMO-IMOMEC) has a long tradition in applied research and industrial services on general topics in materials science. These include application, processing, performance, reliability and sustainability. In particular, analytical strategies for complex material systems or products are developed such as (bio)polymers and coatings for packaging, sensors, thin films, battery systems, energy devices and automotive. Starting from given materials composition and processing, in-depth analysis results in the formulation of structure-property relationships supporting better understanding and optimization of physical, mechanical and chemical properties at various scale lengths. This approach will be illustrated by some case studies.

Pieter Samyn presenting: "Analytical strategies for analysis of functional materials at surfaces and interfaces".