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IMO-IMOMEC research group cooperates on the cross-border project "organ-on-chip 2.0"    Dec 01, 2017

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Dec 01, 2017

Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland approved the project "Organ-on-chip". This 4.5 Million euro project brings together the expertise of the BDE-group of the UHasselt (IMO-IMOMEC) together with research groups of the KULeuven, University Maastricht and University of Leiden together with 4 SME's in the region.

'Biomat' therefore creates a brand new microfluidic chip: the 'organ-on-chip 2.0'. This chip is sown with stem cells to mimic a body's own organ or tissue, provided with supply and discharge of micro-fluid and sensitive sensors to perform measurements. The innovative aspect of this chip is the three-dimensional (3D) environment that is formed, in contrast to classic cell culture plates in which cells or tissues grow on a flat surface. Moreover, microfluidics - very small channels in which liquids are transported - are mimicked the transport of body fluids. To demonstrate the functionality of this revolutionary technology, demonstrators will be built based on three types of clinical applications: bone, muscle and on-chip vascularized bone or muscle.

See the movie of Kanaal Z: