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Energyville II will be ready by the end of this year    May 08, 2017

imo-imomec participates in Energyville II
May 08, 2017

Under attention of minister of work Philippe Muyters and the press, the building of Energyville II was brought to the attention. This building will be 5000 m² and will house research to alternative and sustainable energy. Especially to batteries and solar cells.

UHasselt (and IMO-IMOMEC) is partner in the research center Energyville II. This is the second research center at the Thorpark in Waterschei-Genk. This research center will focus on the production of thinner, more efficient and cheaper solar cells. Also the integration of the solar cells in the construction of buildings will be addressed. IMO-IMOMEC has a strong background in synthesizing new materials for the construction of solar cells and batteries. And has lots of expertise in characterizing and testing the reliability of these devices.

A second research topic is the development and characterisation of new batteries, which can store more energy and have better properties.


read more on the Energyville website: