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IMO-IMOMEC research group IPC will develop the battery of the future within the Solsthore project    May 09, 2017

IMO-IMOMEC research group IPC will develop the battery of the future within the Solsthore project
May 09, 2017

IMO-IMOMEC (UHasselt) builds on the battery of the future
Prof. An Hardy and Prof. Marlies Van Bael of the Inorganic and Physical Chemistry IMO-IMOMEC-group, join forces with several leading research labs: imec, VITO and KULeuven, in the Solsthore project.

Prof. Marlies Van Bael: "Energy today is crucial. Research to energy storage is an important part in this story. We have a lot of expertise and knowledge in Flanders, and worldwide we play a prominent role in this field. Within the Solsthore project we get input from several research fields. We can take big steps forward through interacting and cross pollination. We also invested in state-of-the-art equipment to perform the research."

The requirements are high and complex: building a battery that exceeds the current storage capacity. Safety, sustainability and end of life recycling phase are also important in the development.

Prof. An Hardy: "Commercialisability is also an important topic: it must be affordable, easy to produce in big quantities and be as compatible as possible with the current production processes."

The Inorganic and Physical Chemistry group will mainly focus on the chemical part of the research, to develop new materials to construct the battery of the future. With this in mind the researchers want to develop a solid state battery. In this way the disadvantages of the fluid medium of the traditional battery, such as leakage, vaporising and explosoion, will be eliminated. A vast challenge!

The time-to-market is not an easy question to answer. Research to new materials takes its time. Developing a new material needs i.e. a period of 10 years.
Seen the location of Energyville in Waterschei-Genk, the researchers hope to anchor the research and production in the Limburg province.