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A portion of materials science in 3 minutes    Jun 06, 2018

A portion of materials science in 3 minutes
Jun 06, 2018

Scriptie vzw launches video platform "Wetenschap Uitgedokterd".

Scientists often hear that they have to descend from their ivory tower to communicate about their research. With "Wetenschap uitgedokterd", Scriptie vzw launches a video platform where they have the chance to put that into practice.
Through this initiative, in collaboration with the Flemish universities Scriptie vzw draws researchers -doctorandi and postdocs from their trusted lab or office and places them in front of a camera. The assignment: explain your research in a clear 3-minute pitch. The project builds further on the Flemish PhD Cup, a pitch competition that Scriptie vzw has been organizing since 2016.
Scientists indeed see the importance of informing the public about their research and are prepared, despite that time and labor-intensive research work. Science Doctors want to give them a helping hand by guiding them and giving them a forum.
This can count on the approval of Flemish Minister for Innovation and Science Policy Philippe Muyters. "Flanders is at the forefront of science and innovation, and we should be more proud of that! But you can not be proud of something that you do not know enough about. Initiatives such as these help our scientists to show what they are doing and let the general public enjoy all the big and lesser discoveries."
Scriptie vzw wants to offer the public an insight into the diverse and strong research that is being done in Flanders. Moreover, the project highlights the international character of our universities and research institutions.

Watch the video here.