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INREP-project invited to EU Industry day    Mar 14, 2018

postdoctoral researcher on design and development of microbubbles for use as contrast agents
Mar 14, 2018


at the EU industry day, the European commission proposed its new plan to modernise the industrial landscape. But also wanted to emphasize the road they have been going so far.  The presence of both policy makers and key figures from the industry made this event is an excellent opportunity for the committee to show in which ways they are already modernizing the European industry today.
Therefore 10 European projects were invited to show their results. Among these project is the very successful INREP-project in which IMO-IMOMEC participated.
The INREP project developed and deployed a valid and robust alternative to Indium based transparant conductive electrode materials in applications like displays, LED lighting, solar cells.
The project developed a mesh of silver nano wires. It looks transparant, but the silver nano wires can conduct the electrical current. The unique approach is that the nanowires can be screen printed in whatever size and with an equal quality than the Indium based materials. The results shown were therefore very appreciated by the European officials present.