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IMO-IMOMEC has a vacancy for postdoctoral researcher on design and development of microbubbles    Feb 21, 2018

postdoctoral researcher on design and development of microbubbles for use as contrast agents
Feb 21, 2018


Prof. dr. Marc D'OLIESLAEGER




Approximately 50% of all cancer patients receive radiation therapy as part of their treatment. The aim is hereby to maximize tumor irradiation and to minimize healthy tissue irradiation. This implies a need for appropriate dosimetry strategies that can effectively measure the actual radiation dose imparted on the tumor. However, state-of-the-art dosimetry cannot quantify the dose distribution in (and around) the tumor, hereby inhibiting the full potential of radiotherapy. AMPHORA aims to develop a non-invasive in-situ dosimetry system for radiation therapy with the potential of on-line dose assessment by casting ultrasound contrast agents (UCAs) into dose sensing theranostic devices.
A highly motivated postdoctoral researcher is sought for working on the fabrication of microbubbles for use as contrast agents. You will perform research in the area of (bio-)physical chemistry and colloid chemistry. The project aims at the design and development of stable microbubbles with tailored properties using lipids and (co-)polymers. To reach this aim, different methods of production will be employed like microfluidics and/or sonication.
Contact person: Prof. Marc D’Olieslaeger (marc.dolieslaeger@uhasselt.be), imec-Imomec, Campus Hasselt University, Wetenschapspark 1, BE-3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium.

Who you are

You have a PhD degree in physical chemistry, polymer chemistry or colloid chemistry (or equivalent). Experience will be appreciated in microbubble synthesis and block copolymer synthesis. Experience in microfluidic chip based technology for droplet production is an added value. You have good knowledge and know-how in heterophase techniques and colloid characterization techniques. A good command of the English language and willingness to perform research in a team-oriented international research environment is a must. You have good relational, communicative and reporting skills.
Interested candidates should submit their application via one of the following channels: