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MRS/E-MRS University Chapter

MRS/E-MRS University Chapter

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The Hasselt University MRS-university chapter is founded at the end of 2015.  The IMO-IMOMEC division of the Hasselt University has a diverse range of materials related research domains such as nanoparticles, oxides, novel and advanced organic materials, surface Chemistry, thin films, printable electronics, materials for energy harvesting, diamonds and other wide bandgap materials,... The objective of founding this MRS-university chapter is to showcase the research activities of IMO-IMOMEC, put it on the worldmap, to encourage other similar groups to team-up and exchange ideas.

The Materials Research Society (MRS) University Chapter Program is a passionate and talented network of students from universities around the world. Supported by the Materials Research Society Foundation, the program fosters an environment for collaboration and open exchange of ideas across all scientific disciplines, spanning campuses and continents. These students represent the next generation of materials research and are preparing to carry the torch forward, advancing materials and improving the quality of life.