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MRS/E-MRS University Chapter

MRS/E-MRS University Chapter

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As an extension of their continuing growth, MRS/E-MRS have initiated a University Chapter Program to connect passionate and talented network of student from universities around the world. Supported by the European Materials Research Society and the Materials Research Society Foundation, the program fosters an environment for collaboration and open exchange of ideas across all scientific disciplines, spanning campuses and continent— as the student members represent the next generation of material researchers whom are preparing to carry the torch forward in advancing materials.

Approved and founded in the Fall of 2015 under auspices of MRS and E-MRS University chapter program, the Chapter of Hasselt University prides itself as first ever chapter in the BENELUX region (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) and is currently ranked as the second chapter within the European Union. As one of the two currently existing joint chapters, recognised by both the E-MRS and MRS Foundations, the UHasselt MRS/E-MRS joint Chapter bridges communities of both societies and aims to create high-level activities for materials researchers within the university and surrounding regions.

The joint chapter creates a platform for materials researchers, aiming to broaden their horizons with a profound interest in topics such as education, scientific outreach activities through high-schools and popular science communication in the provincial region of Limburg and the country. Furthermore, meaningful interaction for sustainable research and development are presented to improve technological challenges impacting the region of Limburg, ultimately targeting collaborations between academia and industry.     

Since its founding, the MRS/E-MRS joint Chapter of Hasselt University has made efforts to regularly hold scientific lectures on a regular monthly basis, by inviting established academic researchers and industrial speakers, at both the regional, national and international level in materials science. The MRS/E-MRS joint UHasselt Chapter has expanded to organizing visits to industry throughout the year, concurrently participating at annual meetings of the MRS and E-MRS societies and related projects and activities.