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TETRA-project: 3D-ElektroPrinT: Printing flat and free form electronic / electrical Applications

This project aims at a revolutionary reform of design, prototyping and manufacturing of smart electrical / electronic components and the resulting integrated products by bringing the latest "direct write" technologies for printing electronics closer to the existing market. The focus is on the use of jet-based techniques for printing electronics on flat and curved substrates, with a possible integration of these with other AM (Additive Manufacturing) techniques.

The project involves the design, manufacture and validation of case studies, including sensor applications and consumer electronics (interconnections, antennas, RFID, batteries ...), and bundles Flemish expertise in the field of jet printing (KU Leuven, campus De Nayer and UHasselt - IMO-IMOMEC: Functional Materials Engineering group  and Packaging Technology Centre) and integrated systems (Thomas More, campus de Nayer).

The user group consists of Flemish players from the entire process chain, going from material suppliers and designers to technology suppliers and users, in order to stimulate all commercial opportunities. The economic aspects and manufacturing rules for new solutions are also taken into consideration. The project aims at 3D printing of electronics, on the one hand by direct printing on 3D substrates (3D printing) and on the other hand by printing electronics on flat foils (2D printing) that are later formed into / around free-form objects.