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Developing hybrid particles opens new pathways for producing functional nanomaterials as interesting properties of different materials can be combined together at nanoscale. For instance, with composite nanoparticles one can combine sensing- and detection functions along with the possibility to carry payload. In this regard, functionalized nanodiamonds and hybrid multifunctional particles in the submicron range are very interesting for a broad spectrum of biomedical applications.
In case of functionalized nanodiamonds, the colloidal stability, biocompatibility, and outstanding chemical inertness make them an attractive candidate for markers in intracellular- and nanoscale diagnostics. In addition, they are promising as carriers for therapeutic agents in the context of intracellular drug delivery.

The synthesis of hybrid multifunctional particles includes encapsulation of solids and liquids in addition to the functionalization of the particle surfaces by the coupling of biomolecules or markers. The possibility to integrate several functions like cell specificity, incorporation of therapeutics along with a biomarker for tracing and visualization altogether makes hybrid multifunctional particles especially appealing. A versatile technique known as miniemulsion is employed to produce these hybrid particles based on organic and inorganic ingredients.