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Sustainable energy generation and reduction of CO2-emissions are global challenges for future generations.  Photovoltaic (PV) energy conversion is one of the key options to address these challenges.  PV contributes to sustainable economic growth without the negative by-products of classical energy production (e.g. CO2-emissions) and can become an important renewable energy alternative for the expected exhaustion of fossil fuels.

At IMO-IMOMEC photovoltaic energy conversion using novel nano-materials is a key competence, covering the entire value chain from materials synthesis to large area printing and reliability. 

New organic and inorganic semiconductors are synthesised towards the development of organic solar cells and Grätzel & hybrid solar cells.  Special attention is being paid to the development of appropriate ink formulation and rheology of these photo-active nanomaterials towards the development of printable solar cells.
Furthermore, exploratory research is being performed on other novel generation solar cells, such as silicon-, CIGS- and carbon-based solar cells.

For the study of these material systems advanced characterization techniques provide a better understanding of the underling photovoltaic properties.

An additional crucial challenge in the further development and towards commercialisation of novel generation solar cells is the stability and lifetime, which is addressed at IMO-IMOMEC with an appropriate measurement methodology.