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Accelerated testing is acknowledged as a necessary activity to ensure the reliability of electronic products used in military, aerospace, automotive, industrial, and mobile (cellular phones, laptop computers, etc.) applications.

Successful implementation of accelerated testing strategies requires that: (i) failure during accelerated testing must be due to wear-out mechanisms, (ii) results from accelerated testing must be extrapolated to field life conditions, using acceleration transforms as reliability predictors
to enable proactive product design.

IMO-IMOMEC holds several patents in the field of accelerated testing, the most important covering the in-situ measurement principle. Samples under test are stressed and measured at the applied stress temperature without the need to remove samples from the furnace for measurement. This results in a higher measurement resolution, combined with a high number of data points leading to a much better defined reliability figure. In addition, total test time can be reduced even further by careful planning of the stress-measurement conditions.