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Modern medical and biological devices require surfaces that are not only highly biocompatible and protective but in which one can encode several smart medical functions such as anti-bactericidal or anti-inflammatory properties, drug elution/drug delivery, tissue repair functions, smart sensing and others. Integration of such functions with biosurfaces and biointerfaces requires engineering on nanoscale inducing the chemical functionalisation and bimolecular grafting, These techniques together with specific device fabrications routes including 2D and 3D design are studied at IMOMEC as a part of the basic research activities or in collaboration with several industrial and academic partners from medical areas. Example of smart biosurfaces is novel generation of stents with particular biomolecules bound to the surfaces, medical implants, anti-bactericidal coatings, nanoparticles for drug delivery and sensing etc. In most applications we use carbon-based coatings with emphasis on nanocrystalline diamond that is highly biocompatible, optically transparent, mechanically, biologically and chemically resistant and allows by its simple carbon chemistry immobilization of range of suitable biomolecules.