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Next to the activities on pi-conjugated polymer materials, also classical polymer systems are investigated at IMO-IMOMEC. The aim is the synthesis of tailor made polymers that exhibit highly defined microstructures and functionalities with the aim to create high-precision materials with defined physical properties. Most research is dedicated to radical polymerization methods both with a focus on industrial application as well as laboratory synthesis of value-added materials.

Classical (or non-conjugated) polymers build upon styrenes, (meth)acrylates, acrylamides or other vinylic compounds constitute the majority of plastics that are produced today. Depending mostly on composition and microstructure, these materials can have very different physical properties. Thus, applications are found in a vast variety of areas, ranging from coatings and adhesives over household appliances to drug delivery systems in modern cancer treatment. While the synthesis of polymers may seem to be a standard technique nowadays, the precise manufacturing of materials with defined properties and the understanding of the exact reaction pathways is yet challenging and subject of contemporary research.