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X-ray inspection is quickly becoming one of the primary tools used by PCB and electronics contract manufacturers where BGAs, micro-BGAs, Chip Scale Packages (CSPs), flipchips and other hidden connection devices have become a standard element in PCB design.

Traditional verification methods are no longer sufficient to analyse these devices. By using X-ray inspection, the characteristics of hidden solder joints can be checked in a simple, reliable and cost-effective manner. Only X-ray inspection is able to detect hidden solder problems such as voids, cold solder joints and poor solder adhesion.

IMOMEC has a microfocus X-ray inspection system that can be applied in many fields of science and industry, like process control and failure analysis. This high resolution X-ray system is equipped with an open tube, dedicated to the inspection of printed circuit board assemblies. Its OVHM technique (Oblique View at Higher Magnification) enables the most efficient detection of wetting defects in area array package solder joints. The nanofocus tube and the high-contrast detector provide highest spatial and contrast resolution for high-end applications.