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TA Instruments  AR G2 rotational rheometer (RT-200°C)3.10-6 to 200mN.m

Rotational rheometers measure the deformation and flow under material internal forces. Measurements can be carried out under controlled stress and controlled shear. Controlled stress and controlled shear can be related to stress, shear rate and viscosity. Controlled rate is suitable for larger shear rates and stiffer materials, controlled stress for applications more related to end-users problems. Parallel plates can be used for materials containing particles.

Two geometries are available: parallel plates and cone & plate.

Typical applications

  • Determination of Tg and gel time as a function of temperature(soft polymers, pastes , gels)
  • Measurements of thixotropy of liquid dispersions applied on as surface (inks, coatings, gels)
  • Measurements of the shear viscosity and die swell as a function of temperature (polymers)
  • Measurements of the consistency and stability of creams using a flow curve (pharmaceuticals, creams, pastes)