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The Research Group Applied and Analytical Chemistry is headed by Prof. Dr. Robert Carleer, Dr. Pieter Samyn, Prof. Dr. Jan Yperman and Prof. Dr. P. Adriaenssens and is focused on the development and application of suitable dedicated analytical strategies for studying structure/property relationships of (advanced) materials.

A broad range of materials is characterized for studying their performance, composition and structural features, processing and specific applications.
Complementary and hyphenated analytical techniques are available for in-depth characterization and analysis of complex material systems, with a focus on polymeric materials with multifunctional properties.
An important issue is also the environmental impact in the framework of materials development processing, applications, processing and waste valorization.
The research group acts also as a supporting unit to other IMO-IMOMEC groups.

The Research Group Applied and Analytical Chemistry has also a longstanding tradition in contract research and scientific servicing with industry.
A team of qualified technicians and researchers combine specific material knowledge in combination with state-of-the-art equipment for short and long term projects and quick response problems for quality control, material development, material processing, material failure and solvent problems.