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The Biomedical Device Engineering (BDE) research group, headed by prof. dr. ir. Ronald Thoelen, focusses on the development of “dedicated” sensor devices in environmental and health(care) domains. The research is split up in different categories.

  • The first category is the development of advanced diagnostic systems for screening  the presence of various molecules in aqueous solutions. Devices are developed which can process the signals of sensors  with sufficient precision and speed in order the translate each impedance, thermal or optical based (bio)sensor, into a fully functional point-of-care system. This work involves research towards the hardware and software of the electronic read-out and together with the integration of microfluidics in order to obtain a point-of-care system.
  • Secondly we work on the integration of existing sensing technologies to obtain a ‘smart’ sensor device. The expertise here lies in the know-how of embedded sensor development. This work can result in small scale prototype for field tests of the desired application within a wide variety of domains related to health and care. Topics which are also covered in this field are smart signal processing algorithms, deep learning systems, etc. We are currently investigating the application range of the usage of bio-impedance to deduct different ‘biomedical’ relevant parameters.

Our expertise is also used to provide services to industry such as advice, innovation studies and high-end measurements etc. We closely interact with SME’s, hospitals and care centers to accelerate the development of innovative new products to support and improve health and/or care.