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The foundation of the fabrication of inorganic materials, is linked firmly into inorganic chemistry and governed by physical chemistry laws. The fundamental research of synthesis routes is driven by a search for understanding.  This need can be intrinsic curiosity of the researcher, but very often instead is absolutely necessary in order to be able to proceed further up the TRL level.  Fundamental research at the DESINe group encompasses:

  • Synthesis of novel precursor complexes
  • Understanding mechanisms of novel synthesis routes
  • Creation of synthesis routes in order to prepare novel compounds or materials, that have never been synthesized before
  • Creation of novel synthesis routes leading to known materials compositions but with a novel structure: a specific size (e.g. nanoparticles, quantum dots), shape (rods, wires, flower, ordered patterned structure, 3D ordered mesoporous,…) or composite (core-shell, core-multishell, …).

4 examples of recent publications illustrating this type of research in our group:

Precursor design strategies for the low‐temperature synthesis of functional oxides: it’s all in the chemistry

W Marchal, D De Sloovere, M Daenen, MK Van Bael, A Hardy

Chemistry–A European Journal, 2020

Eutectogels: A New Class of Solid Composite Electrolytes for Li/Li-Ion Batteries,

B. Joos , T. Vranken, W. Marchal, M. Safari, M. K. Van Bael, and A. T. Hardy;

Chem. Mater., 2018, 30 (3), 655–662

Understanding the Importance of Cu(I) Intermediates in Self-Reducing Molecular Inks for Flexible Electronics

Wouter Marchal , Alessandro Longo, Valérie Briois, Kristof Van Hecke, Ken Elen, Marlies K. Van Bael, and An Hardy,

Inorg. Chem. Accepted 2018  DOI 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.8b02493

Remarkable lowering in the synthesis temperature of LiMn2O4 via citrate solution-gel synthesis facilitated by ethanol,

Maino, G; Carleer, R.; Marchal, W.; Bonneux, G.; Hardy, A.; Van Bael, M.K.

Dalton Transactions, 2017 46 (43) 14934-14946