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The Energy Materials and Interfaces (EMINT) research group started in summer 2013 within Hasselt University's Institute for Materials Research (IMO) and is headed by Prof. Dr. Frank Uwe Renner.

The group aims to gain mechanistic insight into reactions of materials and interfaces. Research focusses on electrochemical interfaces, in particular related to positive electrodes of Li-Ion Batteries (LIB), but also on electrodeposition and corrosion including alloying and dealloying processes.

Chemical and electrochemical reactions naturally take place on the molecular or atomic scale. High-resolution techniques are therefore ultimately important to gain deeper understanding. Next to common laboratory-based techniques and other more advanced structural methods such as Atom Probe Tomography, the group further employs in-situ X-ray diffraction at electrochemical interfaces by using Synchrotron Light.

EMINT research group, June 2016.


2016: Boaz Moeremans reports on battery interfaces in 'Nature communications'.

2016: Our Flanders-Wallonia joint PhD project is accepted!

Welcome Sébastien!

2016: M-ERA.NET: COIN DESC in collaboration with Jozef Stefan Institute, UPC BarcelonaTech, Delft University of Technology and Hasselt University.

2015: Our group's first Advanced Materials article is accepted.

2015: Start of ODYSSEUS Grant on "Observing localized corrosion on the nanometerscale by in-situ atomic force microscopy".

2014: Hercules foundation: Large grant to install a Flemish APT (LEAP 5000) is accepted!

A consortium of the universities of Leuven, Ghent and Hasselt will jointly build up an APT laboratory by the end of 2015.

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