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The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy group concentrates on the development and application of dedicated NMR strategies for the characterization of organic and polymer (hybrid)materials, including organic semiconductors for photovoltaic devices and bio-inspired materials for bio-electronics . Focus lies on the quantitative, non-destructive and non-invasive identification of the molecular structures (microstructure, end-groups, defects…) and of the molecular dynamics and phase morphology at the nanometer level. This in order to unravel the structure-property relationships of advanced materials by means of modern liquid-state and solid-state NMR methods, including dedicated relaxation experiments on almost all NMR-sensitive nuclei. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) methods can be applied to determine these molecular properties locally. 
Attention is always paid to complement NMR strategies with other analytical techniques towards the understanding of complex structure-property relations.

The second key area of the group concerns the detection of metabolite biomarkers for early diagnosis, screening and treatment follow up of diseases (e.g. breast and lung cancer) by advanced NMR spectroscopy.
Furthermore, strong synergy is aimed between education and fundamental/applied research.

The NMR group also acts as a supporting unit to other IMO-IMOMEC groups and has also a longstanding tradition in joint scientific R&D and servicing with industry and research centers.