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With modern characterisation and testing techniques and proper scientific interpretation of the measurement results, the Packaging Technology Centre conducts services and scientific research. In strong collaboration with other research groups and institutions, and businesses they want to contribute to investigating / solving research, with her ​​knowledge and expertise. 

Complementary the Packaging Technology Centre supports the education of young people into skilled engineers within the Master course in  packaging technology.

In the past 10 years, the Packaging Technology Centre acquired the necessary knowledge and expertise to answer inquiries from the business world, in an efficient and quality manner.

We inform the business world through frequent seminars, breakfast sessions, in which experts from the research environment, business or policy-makers share their knowledge and experiences.

Company-specific customized training led by the project engineers are available on request.

The Packaging Technology Centre has an extensive network of contacts within companies, colleges, universities and research institutes. Both nationally and internationally.

The Packaging Technology Centre provides annually its quality services to more than 100 different companies from various industrial sectors, in an interactive way.

Because the Packaging Research Centre is part of the research institute at Hasselt University IMO-IMOMEC (www.uhasselt.be/IMO) it can get extra support from the expertise of the other research groups with a material-oriented research activity, and associated extensive analysis equipment. i.e. there is an extensive cooperation with the Applied Analytical Chemistry group. It has the ability analyze materials in details with their chemical analysis equipment.

Collaborations with companies / research universities / research universities / research are possible in subsidized projects, doctoral research (eg. Baekeland Exhibitions) within corporate issues, in fundamental research, in bachelor's and master's theses, in cases studies,  logistics. ...